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Internet Safety

Below are a list of links to more up to date content broken out by category.  More information will be posted as it is found.

Security News



Security Researcher Blogs



Security Information - Good videos in the media room  -  Overall good info on security, it gets extremely technical though



Free Software to protect your computer

I recommend you install the following free software applications.

CCleaner will clear out your old history, temp files and much more. ** When installing, be sure to read the instructions and install the free version


Anti-Virus – use Microsoft’s or buy a package.  The “Best” one constantly changes…

I recommend turning on Microsoft's automatic updates, or going to Microsoft's update page and keep your operating system up to date.  (This only works for Microsoft products.  You're on your own for Mac, Linux, etc.)

I also recommend you visit your computer manufacturer's website regularly and install any updates, such as drivers, that they offer.


For more advanced information on how to block other kinds of malicious code and websites:


Password CHECKING:  Test your password and see how long it would take to be cracked.