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Winter Training School West

posted Oct 30, 2013, 6:37 AM by CAP Erie Squadron 502
Dates: 1-2 FEB 2014

Location: Camp Seph Mack (1590 Ray Road, Penn Run PA 15765)

Courses Being Offered: 

1. INTRODUCTION TO WINTER OPERATIONS – this is an elementary two-day introduction to cold 
weather operations course, with emphasis on primary health and field safety issues including gear, 
equipment, medical, basic navigation, field mobility, and basic survival techniques. 

2. BASIC COURSE – This course is a two-day course that emphasizes on search and rescue in 
cold weather conditions. Areas that students will receive training in include: cold weather operation, 
medical, casualty evacuation, woodsmanship, navigation, winter campsite selection, navigation, and 
basic survival techniques.

3. ADVANCED COURSE - This course is a two day course which continues the experience of 
conducting search and rescue operations in cold weather environments. Prerequisite is completion of the 
Basic Course in a PAWG Basic Winter School. This training will give more in-depth training in survival 
techniques, navigation, patient care, patient evacuation and packaging, as well as advanced rescue 
techniques in a cold weather environment. 

4. SPECIAL ADVANCED COURSE – This course is a two day course that incorporates advanced 
search and rescue techniques as well as team leadership and prolonged winter operations. Students will 
receive training in advanced survival techniques, navigation, advanced search and rescue techniques, 
leadership concepts, winter operations, and patient evacuation techniques. 

Cost: $10.00 Per Person (Covers materials and site rental fees)

Sign in will begin at 0700 and end promptly at 0830. 

SIGNATURES.   Please state which course you wish to take for students. It is suggested that all 
participants pre-register to exranger224@gmail.com or with rangerstaff@yahoo.com by Feb 4 2014. 

Anyone wishing to staff Winter School West please contact Capt Jason Tartalone at 
exranger224@gmail.com or at 724-840-2985.

There will be multiple agencies involved with this years training and as always this is a fantastic training 
opportunity and environment.