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Squadron Leadership School

posted Aug 27, 2013, 6:54 AM by CAP Erie Squadron 502   [ updated Aug 27, 2013, 6:54 AM ]
- Host: Group 1 - Pittsburgh

14-15 September 2013 
Location: 911th Airlift Wing, Pittsburgh, PA

to register email completed CAP F17 to 
SLS Director Maj Dave Hobgood at hobbsh1@gmail.com

Squadron Leadership School (SLS) which provides CAP's adult members with a basic understanding of CAP operations at the squadron level and how those operations affect CAP's national missions. Additionally, members learn more about CAP customs, core values, and communications. Case studies, discussion, and group assignments are integral facets of the SLS. Squadron Leadership Schools are administered at group or wing level and last from 12 to 16 classroom hours.

Additional questions contact 
Lt Col Annette Carlson 
CAP PA Wing Director of Professional Development