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Group 6 FTX

posted Feb 25, 2014, 3:21 PM by CAP Erie Squadron 502
Date: 10 – 11 May 2014
Location: 94 Genger Road Fredonia Pa 16124 (41° 20’ 07”N 80° 14’ 12” W)
Time: Sign in Starts 0700 10 May 14/ Dismissal 1600 11 May 14
Uniform: BDUs or Blue Utility Only


Ground Team Member Course: This course will be a round robin where members will be broken down into groups where members will put through multiple scenarios and navigation problems. ICUT hands on will also be available.

Ground Team Leader Seminar: Perspective and current GTL candidates will engage in multiple courses about managing ground teams, responsibilities, and managing search operations and teams in the field.

CPR & First Aid: 10 May 14 in the evening a CPR and First Aid course will be offered for those that need it. Cost is $15.00 per member.

Preregistration for this is required. Full name and address should be sent to exranger224@gmail.com.

72 hours gear is required. Full Day gear with sleeping gear is acceptable.

All members are REQUIRED to submit a SIGNED CAPF 31, CAPF 160, CAPF 161 to exranger224@gmail.com NO LATER THAN 1 MAY 2014. Registration for CPR and First aid is due at the same time.

Captain Jason Tartalone
Expert Ranger #224
Group 6 ESO