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ES - Group 1 Winter Training Annual Winter Weekend

posted Jan 25, 2014, 6:05 AM by CAP Erie Squadron 502   [ updated Jan 25, 2014, 6:28 AM ]
Emergency Services—Group 1 Winter Training 

Annual Winter Weekend (mission simulation) 
in Friedens, Pennsylvania 
15 & 16 February 2014 

 Please note: This activity is not to be confused with the PAWG Winter School West that is being held in Indiana County by the Hawk Mountain Ranger Program. (That exercise is being held 1-2 February 2014)  This is a mission simulation under the guidance of the U.S. Air Force, Northeast Region and PA Wing Civil Air Patrol through the National Operating Center (NOC) at Maxwell AFB, AL. It will be managed under the ICS principles outlined under NIMS. 

The objective of this event is to afford members an opportunity to work with other agencies in harsh weather conditions to develop skills necessary for successful mission completions, safely and with minimal waste. This shared experience will build the confidence of the membership in their own skills and demonstrate the importance of teamwork and cooperation by working with other agencies. 

 At present, many staff positions are open and members are urged to apply to the IC to serve on this mission. Squadron commanders are asked to discuss this training opportunity and help their members, (ground, air and base personnel) complete the CAPF 31s for participating members.  Squadron commanders are to forward all completed form 31s to the IC at edgar.flick@gmail.com  by 1 February to allow time to build teams and crews.


 This exercise will be held extreme weather conditions. All participants should review task: O-0004, PREVENT AND TREAT COLD WEATHER INJURIES prior to attending this event! 

 Mission Staff to meet Friday, 14 Feb. 2014 @ 1900 hrs at the Somerset County Airport terminal building. 
 Mission Sign in opens on Saturday, 15 Feb. 2014 @ 0730 at the Somerset County Airport terminal building with the general and safety briefing at 0900 with dispatching on tasking following immediately. 
 Participants can expect to be released by 1400 on Sunday, 16 February 2014. 

 Edgar R. Flick, Lt. Colonel, CAP 
Emergency Services Training Officer 
Pennsylvania Wing

Note:  Here is the link to the packing list suggested by the Hawk Mountain Ranger School for Winter Weather Training- Pack: http://www.pawg.cap.gov/sites/default/files/winter%20weekend%20packing%20list_0.pdf