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Powered Encampment

Do you want to take the first step in becoming a pilot?  This is a step in the right direction. 

Aspiring pilots receive formal ground instruction and cockpit time with a certified flight instructor. Many cadets participating in a NFA even solo at the academy! 

The learning environment is specially designed for cadets, and the low instructor to student ratio provides opportunities for mentoring and individual attention.

Participants in powered flight academies receive 10 hours of “hands on” flight 
time learning the basics of flying a powered aircraft (Cessna 172), 25 hours
of ground instruction, and the opportunity to fly as an observer when other cadets receive instruction.

Cadets must have an FAA Third Class Airmen Medical Certificate (Student Pilots Certificate) prior to attending a powered flight academy to solo but it is not required to attend and fly with an instructor. 

Mitchell cadets can apply for a flight scholarship to help pay for this activity!  Go to Civil Air Patrol's scholarship page for more information.